North Central Academy uses a competency-based grading system to ensure quality work. Students earn an A, B or N ("not yet").

Students are expected to do quality work, demonstrating they have fully learned a concept before progressing to the next level. This works to the advantage of all students. Those who need a bit more support to master a topic will get it. On the flip side, once a concept is mastered, the student will be allowed to move on, eliminating the requirement of simple seat time. The students who seek the opportunity to advance will be given the chance.

Competency-Based Grading

In our competency-based grading system, students earn an A, B or N ("not yet'). We believe that lessons important enough to be stressed in our curriculum need to be mastered to at least 80% competency to receive credit. North Central Academy expects all students to develop academic competence, caring and citizenship. To accomplish that, all teachers follow a well-articulated, clearly written core curriculum. This curriculum includes values as well as academic competencies. The curriculum is taught daily, and student progress is reported to parents monthly. Students’ grades include:

  • A: Exceeds the standards for competence
  • B: Meets the standards for competence
  • N: Does not yet meet the standards for competence
  • NT: Introduced, but not yet assessed

Report Cards

In addition to an academic report card, students get a character report card with grades — also A, B or N — for thankfulness, focus, respect, responsibility, kindness and helpfulness. Students are graded on character four times a year so that teachers, parents and students can celebrate accomplishments and plan for improvement.

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